Mold Testing


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Molds can develop in nearly any area on the outside of your home, even in the tiniest spaces indoors. One condition for mold growth is moisture. It requires a setting high in water to grow.

Many allergic reactions can be produced due to the existence of molds in the house, and of course, mold spores are microscopic and can fill the air in a home and visible mold looks horrible if anyone visits your home, presenting a poor appearance.

No question, mold, and moisture damage are the some of the most frequent problems we come across in the Inman – Greenville, SC area. Mold is a home’s enemy and moisture’s best friend. Our climate here in South Carolina is very conducive to mold growth. Flooding, heavy rain, and high humidity are just some the adverse weather we deal with.

Connect those factors with an older house that wasn’t constructed with moisture prevention in mind, and you’re most likely to have issues. The newer homes today can have mold issues. While today’s home building techniques are much better than they used to be, they’re only as good and productive as the workers who use them.

Industry Leading Mold Tests

Highland Inspection Service provides mold tests in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas, including Inman and Spartanburg. Not only are we certified, but our mold inspectors also use the latest mold testing methods and tools, sticking to the accepted best practices for mold testing.

Based on your particular situation, we can take samples of any visible mold using a tape lift to verify the type of mold present and describe the ways it may affect your home. If there’s no mold we can see, there’s still a chance of it being somewhere out of sight. Did you know that over 45% of all mold discovered in homes is underneath the carpet or behind drywall?

If this is the case, we can also take air samples to see if higher than appropriate levels of mold spores are in the air that you’re breathing. Since we partner with local laboratories we can quickly narrow down the source and provide the information you need to remedy the problem quickly.

Mold is a common problem in the Inman-Greenville, SC area. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house and have any concerns about mold, put your mind at ease and have the home tested by us.

Our mold inspectors know where mold hides so they know where to look. Air and surface samples can be collected and sent to a lab for evaluation. A report is created for us and you, the customer, indicating if mold is, in fact, present and if so, which types and how much of each.

The moment we find out if your air has mold in it or not, we plan our next step. If high-levels of mold don’t exist, there’s nothing to worry about. If there’s an issue, we make a full report of our findings. This includes letting you know any identified root causes, and recommended next steps for resolution.